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The Magic of Cabaret Day 6John Lumbus created this Bunny Girl automata in 1998 and made a total of 30 during the following year.

The piece has a wonderful mechanism, turn the handle and the ears move, breast spins and carrot vibrates!

The text reads –

The Bunny Girl
Jane could barely hide her excitement at discovering the world’s first vibrating carrot.

We have one only available for sale, a real collector’s item.
This piece is number 27 and is dated June 1999.

Bunny Girl by John Lumbus
The Bunny Girl 
Click image to enlarge.Height 24cm
Cabaret Mechanical Theatre takes it’s name from the film ‘Cabaret’, so it has always been fun to have automata which take on the burlesque style. Sue Jackson’s original shop in Falmouth was filled with wonderful unique craft pieces which evoked the colour and excitement of the film. This early window display from 1979, before automata really took a stronghold, features the work of textile artist Maggie Saxby.

Cabaret shop window

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  1. David Gerrie says:

    3rd November 2023

    I do not know if this web page is still up and running but this is a follow on from the email I sent above back in August the 5th 2010.
    We are now in retirement and looking to down size our artwork for someone else to enjoy, I now wish to sell our original ‘Bananna’s piece by Maggie Saxby which I purchased from the ‘Cabaret’ shop in Falmouth back in the 1970’s . If you look at the photograph of the original shop window of the ‘Cabaret’ shop in the ‘Bunny Girl’ pages, it is in the bottom left hand corner and it is the piece showing a pair of very red lips, eating a peeled yellow bananna on a sky blue background. It is and has been a very beautiful piece of art which always receives lovely comments and interest and we have always loved it, but we feel now is the time to let someone else enjoy and look after it for the future. It is obviously signed by Maggie and in pristine sharp coloured condition as if it was sewn together and painted yesterday and always hung in the shade out of the sunlight, as we always keep our art originals, I would appreciate if who ever reads this, I would like them to make it known that it is available for sale and we would like it to go to someone who will appreciate and enjoy it, as we have for the past fifty odd years. I look forward to answer any questions you may have.

  2. David Gerrie says:


    I was trying to trace any other fabric pictures by Magie Saxby that may be for sale as I purchased the piece named ‘Banannas’ back in the late 1970’s that I notice appears in the window display of Cabaret on your web page. It is the picture that has the hand holding the bananna up to the pair of red lips. It always has been a unique talking point and ice breaker with my visitors and friends and I was wondering if Magie is still creating these wonderful pieces of 3D art.


    David Gerrie

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